Seasonal rental

You wish to offer your property for seasonal rental?

Step 1: Prior Declaration of Seasonal Lodging Activity

You are required to make a prior declaration subject to registration with the municipality at This declaration is more commonly known as the “registration number” procedure. This registration number will have to appear on your rental ad, on digital platforms such as Airbnb, Abritel, Le Bon Coin…. as well as on all paper media. This declaration subject to registration concerns primary as well as secondary residences.

You will also be required to make a request for a change of use, under the construction and housing code, if you are renting out a furnished tourist accommodation that is your secondary residence.

The primary residence cannot be rented for more than 120 days per year.

The change of use application and obtaining the registration number is done exclusively on

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Step 2: Tourist tax declaration

The municipality of La Ciotat has instituted a tourist tax on its entire territory governed by a deliberation voted by its town council. The product of the tourist tax is allocated to expenses intended to promote the tourist frequentation of the town.

All accommodations are concerned as long as the stay is for a fee and this whether you are professional or not, even if it is your main residence.

The tourist tax is paid by the customers of tourist accommodation directly to the accommodation provider or to the online rental platform.

In your capacity as accommodation provider, you are required to collect and pay the tourist tax.

Accommodation providers are required to declare their stays on the tourist tax platform. For more details on the collection of the tourist tax, cases of exemption, applicable rates, payment intermediaries, go to

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