The Parc du Mugel

The Parc du Mugel is located at the level of an ancient delta of a river that flowed here nearly one hundred million years ago. Located in the heart of the Calanques National Park, this river transported sand, gravel and pebbles on its way, which accumulated and welded together. This formed a reddish rock with large pebbles that geologists call pudding. With erosion, this rock took on mystical shapes such as those of the Trois Secs or the Bec de l’Aigle, an ancient landmark for sailors.

A jewel of La Ciotat

The Calanque is home to a botanical park which is perfect for exploring on foot and for discovering local plants, some of which are very rare. It has dense vegetation including many different species: holm oak, chestnut, bay laurel, cork oak, carob, laurustinus, Aleppo pines, umbrella and maritime pines, bamboo plantations and wild flowers.

A steep path leads to a viewing point overlooking the sea.

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What to do in the Parc du Mugel?

Current regulations

How to come to the Parc du Mugel?
  • By car

    Parking du Mugel (paying all year-round)
    Avenue des Calanques

    300m from the park entrance (the first two hours of parking are free)

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  • By bus

    Ciotabus network, line 30 (Mugel stop)
    Fare for a one-way trip: €0.90

    More info here