The Calanque du Mugel

The Calanque du Mugel is a natural site sheltered by the Bec de l’Aigle (a rock formation looking like an eagle’s beak) massif in the heart of the Calanques National Park.

An atypical rock

In contrast to the Calanques of Marseille and Cassis, the Calanques of La Ciotat are distinguished by an ochre-colored rock called the pudding-stone.

The pudding-stone of La Ciotat is formed of pebbles from erosion of the Alps and the Pyrenees mountain massifs, which were transported by rivers to the Mediterranean sea several million years ago. These pebbles were then cemented together by a matrix of sand, clay and calcite to form the solid rock we see today.


The Petit Mugel and the Grand Mugel

The Calanque du Mugel is actually made up of two small creeks:

  • The Petit Mugel is the smaller of the two creeks, but it is also the more intimate and peaceful, with a small pebble beach and crystal clear waters.
  • The Grand Mugel, on the other hand, is larger and more crowded, with plenty of facilities for visitors, including a restaurant, restrooms and showers.

Both calanques are surrounded by green hills and offer plenty of opportunities for hiking and exploring nature.

Good to know

Through a rather steep path, one reaches a panoramic viewpoint at a height of 82 metres overlooking the immensity of the sea.

The jewel of the Mugel

The Calanque is home to a botanical park “Le Parc du Mugel”which is perfect for exploring on foot and for discovering local plants, some of which are very rare. It has dense vegetation including many different species: holm oak, chestnut, bay laurel, cork oak, carob, lauristinus, Aleppo pines, umbrella and maritime pines, bamboo plantations, and wildflowers.

It was only in 1987 that the park was handed over to the municipality of La Ciotat, which still continues today to develop and maintain its various spaces.

How to come to the Calanque du Mugel ?
  • By car

    Mugel parking year-round paid parking (the first two hours of parking are free)

    Avenue des Calanques 200m from the park entrance

  • On foot

    20 minute walk from the Tasse parking lot (next to the Tourist Office)

  • By bus

    Line 30 (Ciotabus). Get off at the Mugel stop.

    €0.90 per ride.

More information on the regulations

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