Our creeks

The creeks of La Ciotat are among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Nestled mainly on Ile Verte, these small bays offer a peaceful and enchanting setting for swimming and relaxing.

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Around Île Verte

The creeks of La Ciotat offer a beautiful setting to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean. Whether you’re a swimmer, snorkeler or hiker, you’ll find something to enjoy among the creeks of this beautiful coastal town.

Located on Île Verte, you’ll need to take the boat or any other water transportation to get there.

There are 3 creeks

  • The Saint-Pierre creek is one of the most famous creeks of Île Verte, it is the one where you arrive if you take the shuttle from the Old Port. It offers a breathtaking sea view, the water is crystal clear and refreshing, ideal for swimming and diving.


  • The Seynerolles creek is a little more hidden. Signs show you the way to get there. Located in the southeast of the island, it offers a beautiful view of the Var coast. Some pine trees provide some shade. This is our favorite beach on Île Verte.


  • Finally, the Plageolle creek, located in the north of the Island, is the smallest of the three. This creek has a small pebble beach. The opening to the sea is narrow which protects it from the winds. On the other hand, the space is very limited and the creek is quickly full.

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