Traditions and know-how

La Ciotat is known for its rich maritime history and thriving film industry. But the town also has a strong tradition of craftsmanship and know-how.

The richness of La Ciotat's crafts: discover the local know-how

For centuries, the craftsmen of La Ciotat have been working with wood to create unique and high-quality products. Indeed, La Ciotat’s carpenters are famous for their wooden boats, which are built using traditional methods.

In addition to its traditional craftsmanship, La Ciotat also has a great deal of experience in the fishing industry. Local fishermen are known for their expertise and their products are sold on the local market and are also used in many local restaurants to create delicious and tasty dishes.

In short, La Ciotat’s traditions and know-how are unique and valuable. They have been passed down from generation to generation and continue to be practiced today. These traditions are an integral part of La Ciotat’s identity and are a testament to the rich and varied history of this Mediterranean town.