Land-based activities

The preserved environment of La Ciotat arouses a keen interest among nature lovers and especially sportsmen looking for spaces allowing them to practice their activity in optimal conditions.

Organizations related to boating

The nautical resorts are local bodies for the animation and sustainable development of nautical activities for sports and tourism purposes. They contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the town. The 4-star label was awarded to the Municipal Nautical Base of La Ciotat for the quality of services and the diversity of the nautical offer accessible to all.

This European network aims to preserve biological diversity in Europe by ensuring the protection of exceptional natural habitats.

The Natura 2000 site Bay of La Ciotat, 100% marine and with a total area of 1755 hectares, has been designated under the “Habitats, Fauna, Flora” directive because it includes the following habitats and species: Sandbanks with low permanent marine water cover, Posidonia meadows, Muddy or sandy replats exuded at low tide, Bottlenose dolphin reefs (Tursiops truncatus) and the Loggerhead turtle Caretta.

The National Sea Rescue Company (SNSM) is an association whose main mission is to ensure the safety of sea users.

The sea rescuers intervene at the request of the Regional Operational Surveillance and Rescue Centers (CROSS).

On the Marina, the Municipal Nautical Base of La Ciotat invites you to discover the pleasure of nautical activities in one of the most beautiful bays in the world. You can find all the service providers who offer activities on/under the water.